BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

Specialized Codes Course


Session Topics
  • Orientation
  • Numerals and Indicator
  • Punctuation
  • Signs of Operation
  • Signs of Comparison
  • Decimal Point
  • Monetary
  • Signs of Omission
  • Plurals
  • Ordinals
  • Format

  • Reading Exercise
  • Writing Exercise

    Other Resources
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  • Send mail to class
  • Main BRL page
  • Contractions Lookup
  • Contractions List
  • Intro Braille course
  • Transcribers course

  • Session 1: Nemeth Code Basics

    Session 1 provides an introduction to the Nemeth code, describing the basics of the code and providing an introduction to the basics of brailling numbers. Basic signs of operation (plus, minus, etc.) and comparison are also discussed. The session concludes with a beginning discussion of formatting.

    1. Orientation
    2. Numerals and the Numeric Indicator
    3. Punctuation Marks and the Punctuation Indicator
    4. Signs of Operation
    5. Signs of Comparison
    6. Decimal Point
    7. Monetary, Percent, and Prime Signs
    8. Signs of Omission
    9. Plural and Possessive Endings
    10. Ordinal Endings
    11. Format

    Exercises for the Reader

    1. Carefully read the session reading.
    2. Read the braille presented in the exercise provided. Use the form to submit your answers. NOTE: this is a long activity!
    3. Transcribe the text presented in the list of sentences and sentence fragments. You can submit your transcription via email or from the assignment page itself.
    4. OPTIONAL: send email to, introducing yourself, describing your brailling experiences, what you hope to learn from this course, and perhaps something non-braille related about yourself that might be of interest!

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