Braille Flashcards Download: MacOS, the easy version

These instructions are included within the Readme.txt file that is a part of the Braille Flashcards download.
To run the Braille Flashcards application on a Macintosh, you need to:
  1. Download the Braille Flashcards application from Shodor's website.  Place this file in a new folder entitled Flashcards (for instance). This file will be downloaded as a "sit" file. This means it is compressed (or archived), and you need a decompression utility like Stuffit Expander (available from  Follow Stuffit's directions to un-Stuff the file into the same folder.  The un-Stuffed files will include:
    • Flashcards
    • flashcard classes
    • dicts
  2. If you have MacOS 8 or higher, you may run the application immediately my double-clicking on the Flashcards icon. However, if you have an older version of the MacOS (you can check by going to "About This Computer..." at the top of the apple menu) you must download java support files. These are also downloaded in a "sit" file so you will have to unstuff them. Once you have done this, you may double-click on the MRJ installer (this is a freely available Apple product). Once you have installed the MRJ, you may run the flashcards program by double-clicking on the Flashcards icon.
    After the program loads, a dialog box appears that prompts you to select a dictionary of braille words. Currently, the only included dictionary is called "dict.mge," so find this in the "dicts" folder and select it. You will now see the flashcard window. Before you click on "start", you can set various options, such as the word length, time to complete, etc. To supply your answer, type it into the answer box and hit the "Return" key. Once you have done that, it will proceed to the next word.

Last Update: April 16, 1998
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