Dot-to-Dot is a program from Apple Computers that allows you to use six keys of the computer keyboard to type braille just like a Perkins brailler, with the additional benefit of being able to use the "delete" key and other typical tools to edit your files!

Once you have installed MacBrailler, you simply create braille by pushing down on one or multiple keys at the same time! The keys and their dot equivalents are:

  1. a = dot 1
  2. s = dot 2
  3. d = dot 3
  4. l = dot 4
  5. ; = dot 5
  6. ' = dot 6

To make the letter "l", therefore, you push down on the a-s-d keys as a single stroke, just like you would do with a Perkins brailler.

Once you have finished your document, you can save it just like you would any normal document.

Submitting your Dot-to-Dot document for evaluation/grading (we are no longer accepting submisions)

Once you have completed your braille document, you can submit it for grading easily and effortlessly. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Create your file, proofread it for mistakes
  2. Save it with a file name of your choice as you would any Mac file
  3. Under "Edit", choose "Select all"
  4. Under "Edit", choose "Copy"
  5. Open up your email program
  6. Addressee is Feedback Form (we are no longer accepting submissions)
  7. Subject line should read "BRL: Braille file for Session X" (whatever session it is
  8. In the main message body, "paste" the file ("Edit", then "Paste")
  9. If your mail program automatically adds a signature line, try to turn it off. If you can't, not to worry, we will edit it out.
  10. Once you have done all that, send your email in the usual fashion!

Downloading and Installing Dot-to-Dot

Dot-to-Dot is archived under the anonymous ftp site at To make it as easy as possible for you to get your copy, you can download it directly with Netscape:

The file is archived using the "StuffIt" program for the Macintosh. If you have your browser configured correctly, your file should automatically install. If not, you will need to "expand" it with the appropriate expander:

Once you have expanded your program, you are ready to go.

Running Dot-to-Dot

Once you have the program on your computer, running the code is easy! To run it, simply double-click on the icon as you would any Mac or Windows file.

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