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BRL: Perky Duck

Duxbury Systems has created a new six-key braille emulator program, entitled "Perky Duck". Designed specifically for distance learning programs such as ours, this tool allows students to create braille files, using either Windows95/98 or Macintosh computers. These files can then be sent to an instructor via email for evaluation.

Here is Duxbury's description:

Perky is a computer based Perkins brailler emulator. It is designed to be used for distance education programs, particularly Internet-based situations. It allows Windows and Macintosh users to create electronic braille files on their computer through six key input. These braille files can then be printed, embossed or emailed to an instructor, proctor, etc. for examination and grading. Perky Duck has no translation capabilities and very little formatting -- essentially space bar, back space, and return key. Support is provided to a single program/instructional coordinator, who in turn supports the students.

Perky Duck is easy to use and install. You can download these programs directly from the Web at the addresses below. NOTE: if you are downloading Perky Duck for Windows, when it asks you to save the file, change the name from "perky_setup.exe" to "setup.exe">. For both Windows and Mac, simply double-click on the installer.

NOTE! Perky for Windows does not work on older Windows machines, such as Windows 3.1. It also does not work on MS-DOS machines.

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