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  • Modifiers- Part I
  • Modifiers- Part II
  • Multipurpose Indicator
  • Miscellaneous Symbols- Part I
  • Miscellaneous Symbols- Part II

  • Writing Exercise

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  • Session 6: Writing Exercise

    Directions: prepare for submission the following exercise. Using one of the electronic braille software packages, transcribe into braille the following sentences. Electronic braille generated using a six-key Perkins emulator is the preferred format.

    For your submission, use the following format: braille your name, email, and institution in the top right-hand corner in the first space, with runovers in Cell Three. Begin brailling on Line Five.

    Submit your braille either via email. Electronic braille (Mac/PCBrailler, Duxbury, Edgar, Megadots, Pokadots) should be sent via email to You can also use the text box at the bottom of this page to submit your work. Simply cut and paste the braille into the box, then click on the "Submit braille" button.

    HARD COPY BRAILLE IS DISCOURAGED! We strongly recommend that you use one of many computer-based electronic brailling software packages. All hard copy braille should be sent to:

    Mr. Robert Gotwals
    The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
    923 Broad Street Suite 100
    Durham, NC 27705

    1 Find the fractional equivalent of the repeating decimal
    2 Explain the meaning of
    3 Give the place value of the underlined material
    5 The volume of a sphere varies directly as the cube of its radius, since
    7 should be used for checking your work.
    8 How many are needed to fill the blanks in the above example?
    9 All values of y are located on the regression line
    10 Explain in words.
    12 The probability of Ai is
    13 Mark point of the graph in Figure 11.2.
    14 Does |-2||+3|=+6? Does |-92||=5|=-460?
    18 If z.6 equals , what do you know about z?
    20 1/x approaches ? as x tends to either + or -.
    21 Is the following statement true or false?
    22 Compute the indicated number: 7!
    23 Compute the indicated number:
    24 Show that the area of a region D to which Green's theorem applies may be given by
    25 True or false? Assume that the domain of each variable is all real numbers.
    26 True or false? Assume that the domain of each variable is all real numbers.
    27 True or false? Assume that the domain of each variable is all real numbers.
    28 In the mks system S is expressed in (watts)/(meter)2. Does the direction of S give the direction in which the energy moves?
    29 If the marks ||||||| equal the numeral 11six, what numeral does ||||||||| equal in base six?
    30 In Gauss's law,


    is E the electric field intensity attributable to the charge?

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