New!!! Braille Flashcards Applications for both sighted and non-sighted (visually impaired) users running on both Mac and PC.

Sighted version Braille application screen shot


Braille Flashcards for sighted users
Braille Flashcards for non-sighted users

Original Versions of Braille Flashcards

Designed for users wishing to practice their braille translation skills, the Braille Flashcard Java application is available for download from Shodor's server.

Braille Flashcards screen shot

Original versions of flashcards: The Braille Flashcards program is now available ONLINE This is the same program as the downloadable version, although it has a smaller dictionary of braille words.


  • Includes thousands of Grade 1 words and pseudo-Grade 2 braille contractions
  • Customizable timer
  • Scorekeeper

The Braille Flashcards application was written in Java, a programming language that may be run on almost all computers. To run it, you need to download the program (that is, transfer it from our computer to yours. You will also need to download a program called a Java Runner program in order to run the Braille Flashcards application.  Once you have downloaded both of these programs, you will be able to run the flashcard program on your computer at home without being connected to the Internet.

The downloadable Braille Flashcards application is currently only available for the Macintosh. A Windows95 program will be available soon.

For more information, consult the Readme file included with your download.

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