BRL: Braille through Remote Learning


BRL Courses
  • Introduction to Braille
  • Transcribers Course
  • Special Codes Course

  • BRL: Braille-only Contractions

    This is a table of 113 contractions that involve braille cells. This table excludes short-form words. The table is organized alphabetically in columns.

    ally go sh
    ance had shall
    and have sion
    ar here so
    as his some
    ation in spirit
    bb ing st
    be into still
    ble it th
    but ity that
    by just the
    can know their
    cannot knowledge there
    cc less these
    ch like this
    character lord those
    child many through
    com ment time
    con more tion
    day mother to
    dd name under
    dis ness upon
    do not us
    ea of very
    ed one was
    en ong were
    ence ou wh
    enough ought where
    er ound which
    ever ount whose
    every out will
    father ow with
    ff part word
    for people work
    from question world
    ful quite you
    gg rather young
    gh right