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For your convenience, Shodor has added the links below to direct you to the most recent update to 'Braille Formats'. Additionally, a general link to the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) website has been included.

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    Welcome to the Braille Transcribers Course, the second in a series of three integrated courses in braille literacy, offered through the BRL: Braille through Remote Learning project.

    The purpose of this series is to provide the next level of information and instruction to those who are interested in working as a braille transcriber, whether it be as a volunteer, in a paid position, and/or as an educator. This series assumes a solid foundation in Contracted (Grade 2) braille. No additional instruction is provided here on topics such as contractions and their use.

    The reader is cautioned to not confuse this series with the "Braille Transcribers" program offered through the Library of Congress. That very fine course of instruction begins at the beginning, with an introduction to braille. The focus of that course is on literary braille. This series continues the discussion on literary braille from our Introduction to Braille course, but also focuses heavily on textbook braille production, and features the new "Braille Formats" codebook for production of educational materials. In addition, this series discusses topics such as the professional transcriber and the use of computers in braille production.

    Funding for this program expired on September 30, 1999. Stay tuned to this page for further developments!

    Because of the new updates contained in the recently released 'Braille Formats: Principles of Print to Braille Transcription 2011' document, the 'Transcribers Course' is temporarily suspended until it can reflect the new changes.

    The Braille Formats 2011 online document (see link above) is an excellent resource for those individuals wishing to enhance their braille transcription skills.

    If you have questions about this course or the BRL program, you are invited to contact Ronald Broadnax (