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    BRL: Braille Reference Desk

    Welcome to the Braille Reference Desk! This resource is designed to provide braille students and transcribers with access to useful and important documents, reference sheets, and other tools.

    The Braille Reference Desk was created following completion of a U.S. Department of Education-funded research and development program called "BRL: Braille through Remote Learning". This project was designed to investigate the use of advanced communications technology in support of braille literacy. The Braille Reference Desk has been designed and developed by a team of volunteers, including middle and high school students. The Reference Desk is also supported through a partnership between the Shodor Education Foundation and the Braille Authority of North America. Included on the Reference Desk are a number of important codebooks, including several from the Braille Authority of North America (BANA). We have also placed a number of other static (non-changing) and interactive (user-controlled) resources on the page. An example of an interactive tool is the "Contraction Lookup" tool. This tool will allow the braille student to type in a word, and the tool will present the word correctly contracted.

    IMPORTANT! The Braille Reference desk requires that your computer have a specially-installed font known at "SimBraille". This is a TrueType font. You can download this font and get installation directions at:

    We hope that this reference desk will prove to be of use to the braille community. We appreciate your comments, compliments, complaints, and criticisms!. Please feel free to contact Bob Gotwals at the Shodor Education Foundation.