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    Braille Contractions A-D


    about ab
    above abv
    according ac
    across acr
    afternoon afn
    afterward afw
    again ag
    against agst
    ally ,y
    almost alm
    already alr
    also al
    although alth
    altogether alt
    always alw
    ance .e
    and &
    ar >
    as z
    ation ,n


    bb 2
    be 2
    because bec
    before bef
    behind beh
    below bel
    beneath ben
    beside bes
    between bet
    beyond bey
    ble #
    blind bl
    braille brl
    but b
    by 0


    can c
    cannot _c
    cc 3
    ch *
    character "*
    child *
    children chn
    com -
    con 3
    conceive concv
    conceiving concvg
    could cd


    day "d
    dd 4
    deceive dcv
    declare dcl
    declaring dclg
    dis 4
    do d