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  • BRL Intro Course: Braille-related discussion groups

    The table below shows several email discussion groups related to braille and braille transcribing. To be able to get and send email to these discussion groups, you must subscribe (there is NO fee!). Subscribing involves sending email to a machine, which processes your request.

    To subscribe, follow these rules:

    1. Send email to the subscribing address. If your browser allows it, you may simply click on the name in the table below, and an email session will be created for you.
    2. In the line "Subject", type the word "subscribe"
    3. In the message box, type the message "subscribe xxxx your-name", where "xxxx" is the word found in the table below, and "your-name" is how you want to be known to the list (first-name last-name is the norm!)

    Once you have done this, you will generally get two pieces of email back. One is instructions for using the list, including information on how to get off the list. You should print out this email and keep it handy. The other is a job accounting, a bunch of numbers that have little or no meaning. Feel free to delete this message. You may also get a message with a password in it. You do not need to use this password, but it is a good idea to save it and/or print it out

    To send email to the entire subscribed list (sometimes thousands of people!), send email to the mailing address shown in the table below. Courtesy is the guiding principle to being a member of a discussion group. If you don't have something constructive to say, don't say it. If your discussion becomes an argument between two or three people, arrange to continue the discussion outside the list.

    To sign-off of a list (permanently discontinue participation), you should send email to the subscribing mail address, then put the following message in the message body:

    signoff xxxx

    You do not need to include your name in the signoff message.

    Name of the list Subscribing address Subscribing message Mailing address for sending mail
    Braille Research Center forum subscribe brctr your-name
    For questions/discussion about braille instruction subscribe brl-help your-name
    Duxbury Systems Braille Translation Software Users subscribe duxuser your-name
    Equal Access to Software and Information (EASI) subscribe EASI your-name
    brl_zylx (alternative braille code discussion group) subscribe brl_zylx your_name