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  • Signs of Shape

    NOTE:This lesson is divided into three parts!
    Definition: A sign of shape is a miniature picture of a geometric figure or another object.

    Shape Indicator 1-2-4-6 and Basic Signs of Shape:

    A basic sign of shape is represented by the shape indicator followed by one of more letters, by a numeral, or by a dot combination suggestive of the ink-print shape.

    When the shape is a regular polygon (a closed figure with equal sides and equal angles), it is represented by the shape indicator followed by a numeral specifying the number of sides in the figure.

    When the shape is an irregular polygon (a closed figure with at least two unequal sides and two unequal angles), it is represented by the shape indicator followed by a letter or a combination of letters suggestive of the ink-print shape.

    Angle dots 1-2-4-6dots 2-4-6
    Concave Upward dots 1-2-4-6dots 1
    Concave Downward dots 1-2-4-6dots 3
    Contracted Form 1-2-4-6 1-3-5
    Uncontracted Form
    Circle 1-2-4-6 1-3-5
    Diamond 1-2-4-6 1-4-5
    Ellipse 1-2-4-6 1-5
    Regular 1-2-4-6 2-3-5
    Irregular 1-2-4-6 1-2-51-3-4-6
    Intersecting Lines 1-2-4-6 2-4
    Is Parallel To 1-2-4-6 1-2-3
    Is Not Parallel To 3-41-2-4-6 1-2-3
    Is Perpendicular To 1-2-4-6 1-2-3-4
    Is Not Perpendicular To 3-41-2-4-6 1-2-3-4
    Parallelogram 1-2-4-6 1-2-4-5
    Regular 1-2-4-6 2-6
    Irregular 1-2-4-6 1-2-3-41-2-4-5
    Quadrilateral 1-2-4-6 1-2-3-4-5
    Rectangle 1-2-4-6 1-2-3-5
    Rhombus 1-2-4-6 1-2-5
    Square 1-2-4-6 2-5-6
    Star 1-2-4-6 2-3-4
    Trapezoid 1-2-4-6 1-3-5-6
    Regular (equilateral) 1-2-4-6 2-3-4-5
    Inverted 4-61-2-4-6

    Signs of Shape With Structural Modification: A shape with structural modification is one in which two or more signs of shape are combined to form a composite sign, such as adjacent angles; or one in which the general print form of a basic shape is changed to show a more specific form, such as a right angle, a right triangle, etc.

    A shape with structural modification is represented by the basic symbol followed by the structural shape-modification indicator , by a letter or an uncontracted combination of letters suggestive of the change in the shape, and by the termination indicator showing the end of the modification.

    Adjacent Angles
    Alternate Exterior Angles
    Alternate Interior Angles
    Complementary Angles
    Corresponding Angles
    Exterior Angles
    Interior Angles
    Obtuse Angle
    Right Angle
    Straight Angle
    Supplementary Angles
    Vertical Angles

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