BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

Intro to Braille Course

Session 3 page
Session Objectives

Session Topics
  • Braille Punctuation
  • Braille Special Symbols

  • Writing Exercise
  • Reading Exercise

    Other BRL Courses
  • Transcribers Course
  • Special Codes Course

  • Session 3: The Alphabet; Braille Punctuation and Special Symbols

    This session discusses braille punctuation marks and the use of special characters, such as capital signs, number signs, and others.

    Session Objectives

    Exercises for the Reader

    1. Carefully read all of the session readings.
    2. After completing both readings, complete two activities:
      1. read words and sentences written in braille.
      2. using the sentence list, produce a brailled document of those phrases and sentences. Follow the instructions for submitting your document.