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  • BRL Intro Course: Course Schedule

    The schedule shows the 12 sessions that make up this course. To go to a session, simply "click" ONCE on the underlined name of the session. It will then display that session, and you can begin your studies. Make sure that you remember to use the scroll feature! Scrolling means moving up and down the page using the up and down arrows (typically) on the right edge of the page.


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    Session 1: Overview and History of Braille Short completion time

    In this overview session, participants will be presented with several "big picture" concepts and ideas in the braille and braille transcribing. A short history of the development of braille and its evolution over the years will also be presented.

    Session 2: The Alphabet; Braille Writing Devices Short completion time

    Session 2 presents a detailed discussion on the braille alphabet and the algorithm for its creation. A detailed discussion of the various types of braille writing devices, including the use of computers, will also be offered. This session presents the first opportunity for the student to complete a lab activity in the writing of braille.

    Session 3: Braille Punctuation and Special Symbols Average completion time

    This session discusses braille punctuation marks and the use of special characters, such as capital signs, number signs, and others.

    Session 4: Rules and Guidelines of Braille Long completion time

    This session discusses in a general fashion the rules of braille. The purpose of this session is to introduce the student to some of the guiding principles of writing braille.

    Session 5: Whole Word Contractions Part I Average completion time

    Session 5 looks at some of the major contractions used to represent whole words, such as "the", "and", and others. In addition to a presentation of these contractions, rules for their use and exceptions to the rules will be discussed.

    Session 6: Whole Word Contractions Part II Average completion time

    Session 6 provides a continuation of Session 5, looking at some of the more complex whole-word contractions and their use.

    Session 7: Part Word Contractions Part I Average completion time

    Session 7 presents the basic part-word contractions and the rules for their use.

    Session 8: Part Word Contractions Part II Average completion time

    Session 8 presents in further detail the use of part-word contractions and the rules for their use. This session also presents those part-word contractions which also may function as whole-word contractions and the rules governing that behavior.

    Session 9: Short-Form Words Average completion time

    Session 9 discusses short-form words and their use as braille contractions

    Session 10: Formatting Braille Documents Long completion time

    Session 10 presents a beginning look at formatting of documents, with a focus on school-related materials

    Session 11: Teaching Braille to Children Short completion time

    "Guest speaker" for this session is Joan Baker of the Governor Morehead School for the Blind in Raleigh, NC. She will discuss various aspects of teaching braille to school children and others.

    Session 12: Final Exam; Course Wrap-up / Evaluation Long completion time

    In this final session, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through a large tasking. Evaluations and "final words" will conclude this course offering.