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Braille Indicators

1 BRAILLE INDICATORS In additon to the braille indicators listed in Rule 1 of The Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation, the following indicators are provided for chemical notation.

Horizontal Bond Indicators:
            Opening       _
            Closing       ]
Runover Locator       #n       (n represents an upper number assigned by the transcriber)

    1.1 Construction of a Hortizontal Bond. The components of a horizontal bond are assembled in the following order:

      (1) Opening Indicator
      (2) Horizontal Bond Symbol
      (3) Closing Indicator

    Example 1.1-1: H    O    H

    1.2b> Runover Locator. Runover locators are used with spatial structures to orient the reader to the print arrangement. If a spatial structure must be run over and the runover site is not obvious, runover locators must be used.
    (See Example 4.4.3-6 and 4.4.3-13.)

    If a structure requires a runover locator for orientation of runover sites, the runover locator and its associated number must be inserted after the last symbol at the runover site. The first runover site is labeled #1, the second #2, etc. Identical locators are then inserted before the first symbol of the continued line(s)

    In a branched structure where individual braches require runovers, number the runover sites of each branch in sequence. (see Exaple 4.2.5-2.)
    1.3 Spacing. All indicators and locatos must be unspaced from the material to which they apply.
    1.4 Punctuation. Indicators must be punctuated in the mathematical mode.
    (See §37, Nemeth Code.)
Example 1.4-1:

    If you remove one hydrogen atom from methane, CH4, the result is the methyl radical, CH3   

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