BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

Intro to Braille Course

Session 1 main page
Session Objectives

Session Topics
  • Writing for the Blind: A Brief History
  • The Braille System
  • Pre-Modern Day Braille
  • Modern Day Braille
  • Assessment Exercise

    Other BRL Courses
  • Transcribers Course
  • Special Codes Course

  • Session 1: Braille, the Big Picture

    In this overview session, partipants will be presented with several "big picture" concepts and ideas in the braille and braille transcribing. A short history of the development of braille and its evolution over the years will also be presented.

    Session Objectives

    Exercises for the Reader

    1. Carefully read all of the pre-session readings, especially the ones on logistics. We would recommend reading ALL the available information on the Main Page.
    2. Send mail to Feedback Form (we are no longer accepting submissions) , introducing yourself to the class. Include items such as your current position, your institution, a short job description, and your background in VI education. Feel free to include "personal" items about yourself as well!
    3. After completing the readings, complete a number of questions about your readings. NOTE: you may need to use other on-line resources to do this!
    4. If you do not have access to commercial braille software, download a copy of one of the free braille emulation programs.