BRL: Braille through Remote Learning

Intro to Braille Course

Session 4 page
Session Objectives

Session Topics
  • Introduction to Braille Contractions

  • Contraction Exercise

  • Other BRL Courses
  • Transcribers Course
  • Special Codes Course

  • Session 4: Rules and Guidelines of Braille

    This session discusses in a general fashion the rules of braille. The purpose of this session is to introduce the student to some of the guiding principles of writing braille.

    Session Objectives

    Exercises for the Reader

    1. Carefully read the session reading.
    2. After completing both readings, complete one activity:
      1. you will be presented with a list of words and the contractions found in those words. Your task is to decide, based on your reading of the Summary of Rules for Use of Contractions, whether my coding of the word is legal or not, and to indicate your choice. You are also asked to state your reason for your choice (citing rule number if appropriate).