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BRL: Braille through Remote Learning


Summary of Rules for Use of Contractions

There are 13 pages of rules on the use of contractions in Grade 2 braille. These pages are accessible from the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

  1. General Rules for Use of Contractions
  2. Choice between Alternative Contractions
  3. Single Letter Contractions
  4. Contractions: and, for, of, the, with
  5. Contractions: child, shall, this, which, out, still
  6. Part-word contractions
  7. Whole-word lower sign contractions: his, was, were, be, in, enough
  8. Rules for use of lower sign contractions
  9. Part-word lower sign contractions
  10. Whole-word lower sign contractions: to, into, by
  11. Double-letter contractions: bb,cc,dd,ff,gg, ea
  12. Initial letter contractions
  13. Final letter contractions and short form words