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  • Major Whole Word Contractions
  • Single Letter Whole Word Contractions
  • Whole Word One Cell Contractions

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  • Session 5: Whole-word Contractions

    In this session, we begin a detailed look at the 120 contractions that are used to reduce the bulk of braille books. We begin with those contractions known as "whole-word" contractions. As the name suggestions, these contractions represent entire words, with very specific rules about the use of these contractions. Many of the whole-word contractions in braille can also be used as part-word contractions. In this session, we differ from how these contractions are presented in other braille textbooks: whole-word contractions in this session are only considered as whole-word contractions, not as dual-use contractions. Many of the contractions presented in this session will appear again, but as part-word contractions.

    For purposes of this course, whole-word contractions have been divided into five categories. Each of these categories has a separate reading that must be studied for this session. The five categories are:

    1. Major whole-word contractions: and, the, of, with, for
    2. Single-letter contractions
    3. Whole-word one-cell contractions

      In the next session, we'll look at some of the more complex whole-word contractions:

    4. Whole-word lower sign contractions
    5. Initial letter (two-cell) contractions

    On to the Major whole-word contractions

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