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Session Topics
  • Braille Alphabet
  • Writing Devices
  • Slate and Stylus
  • The Perkins Brailler
  • Computers and Braillers

  • Writing Exercise
  • Reading Exercise

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  • Session 2: Braille Writing Devices

    In this reading, you are introduced to the three most commonly used devices for producing braille:

    1. Slate and Stylus
    2. Perkins Brailler
    3. Computer-generated braille
    In each of the readings, we describe the device, its use, and advantages and disadvantages of each tool. While you may not have access to all three devices, you should seriously consider trying to produce braille on all three devices if at all possible. You cannot consider yourself to be competent in braille and braille transcribing without being able to demonstrate competence with all of these tools!

    On to Slate and Stylus

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