English Braille
American Edition



Definition of Braille

Rules of Braille
  1. Punctuation Signs
  2. Special Composition Signs
  3. Format
  4. Asterisk, Footnotes, References
  5. Accent Sign, Diphthongs, Foreign Languages
  6. Abbreviations
  7. Numbers and Roman Numerals
  8. Coinage, Weights, and Other Special Symbols
  9. Poetry, Scansion, and Stress
  10. General Use of Contractions
  11. One-cell whole-word contractions
  12. One-cell part-word contractions
  13. Lower Signs
  14. Initial-letter contractions
  15. Final-letter contractions
  16. Short-form words

  • Index
    Typical and Problem Words

  • Index
    BRL Courses
  • Intro to Braille
  • Braille Transcribers
  • Specialized Codes

  •  10. Transcriber's Notes Page:   Include a transcriber's notes page following the title page and special symbols page, if there is one, in each braille volume noting a special braille format or usage required throughout the volume. Use the following format in preparing a transcriber's notes page:

      a.  Begin a new braille page and center the heading TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES followed by one blank line. On the second and succeeding pages, center the heading TRANSCRIBER'S NOTES (cont.) without a blank line following.

      b.  Braille each note beginning in cell 3 with runover lines in cell 1.