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    13. Final-letter Contractions

    1. Are subject to the general rules for the use of contractions.

    2. May never represent whole words.

      less ally

    3. May be used only in the middle or at the end of a word.

      ele(ment)al m(en)tal
      b(less) lesson
      c(ance)r ance(st)or

    4. May be used at the beginning of a line in a divided word.


    5. May never be preceded by the apostrophe or the hyphen.

      con-(st)i-tu-tion grey'(ou)nd
      re(st)-less-ness re-ally
      com-m(en)t-(ed) 'tion!

    6. The contraction ness may be used in easily read words, but never when the root word ends in en or in.

      gov(er)(ness) (ch)iefta(in)ess
      b(ar)o(ness) citiz(en)ess