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    4. Contractions and, for, of, the, and with

    1. As whole-word contractions

      1. These contractions and the word a should follow one another unspaced except where punctuation or composition signs intervene.

        He (was) (one) (of)(the) gr(ou)p (and)(for)a l(ong) (time) l(ed) (it). (Wh)at (were) (you) look(ing) (for)a mo(ment) ago? (And), (of) c(ou)rse, (you) (ar)e (right). (And) (The) (Lord) (said) ...

      2. Require the double capital sign when fully capitalized.

        G(ONE) (WITH) (THE) (WIND)

    2. As part-word contractions

      1. Are subject to the general rules for use of contractions.

      2. Are used wherever they occur within a word.

        (And)rew (for)t (of)f(er)
        h(and)le ef(for)t pr(of)it
        b(and) Du(for) ro(of)

        (the)n (with)(in)
        o(the)r (where)(with)al
        wri(the) (here)(with)