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    5. Contractions child, shall, this, which, out, still

    1. As whole-word contractions

      1. May be joined to words or contracted words to form hyphenated compound words whether written one line or divided between lines.

        (out)-(and)-(out) (out)-(and)-
        (still)-life (still)-

      2. May never be joined to letters or contractions to form parts of words

        gr(and)(ch)ild gr(and)-
        (with)(ou)t (with)-
        (st)ill(ness) (st)-

      3. May be followed by the apostrophe only in these cases:

        (child)'s (still)'s

    2. As part-word contractions ch, sh, th, wh, ou, and st

      1. Are subject to the general rules for use of contractions.

      2. Are used wherever they occur within a word.

        (ch)(ar)ge (sh)ape (th)an
        s(ch)ool wa(sh)(er) rhy(th)m
        cat(ch) di(sh) Smi(th)

        (wh)ale (ou)rs (st)(and)
        (some)(wh)at h(ou)se ca(st)le
        L(ou) ea(st)

      3. The sh contraction is not used in sh shown standing alone as an admonition to silence.

      4. The st contraction is used in St. as the abbreviation for Street or Saint.

      5. The st and th contractions are used for the ordinals 1st, 4th, etc.